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Why Get Eyeglasses from ECOF?

Posted by Eye Centers of Florida On April 10th

EyeglassesPatients tell us that they trust their ECOF eye doctor. But sometimes they also tell us they buy their eyeglasses elsewhere because they think the prices at ECOF might be higher.

Are ECOF’s eyeglasses and frames really more expensive?

Good question. First, you should know what makes shopping for glasses at ECOF better:

  • Our technology is state of the art. Discount shops often use 20-year-old technology.
  • We have a large selection of designer frames, even larger than speciality frame shops!
  • We have twelve convenient locations around Southwest Florida.
  • We have a wide range of eye care services, not just eyeglasses.

You might imagine paying a premium for this level of quality.

But the reality is, our eyeglasses are competitively priced!

Surprised? Visit ECOF and see what we have to offer.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user laffy4k.

Age-Related Macular Degeneration: Common & Treatable

Posted by Eye Centers of Florida On April 10th

Dr. Ferreira

Age-related macular degeneration (ARMD) is a leading cause of irreversible vision loss in older adults. In fact, there are more than 5 million new cases of ARMD diagnosed each year in Europe and North America alone; and it is estimated that 30 percent of Americans 55 years of age and older have ARMD. There are two types of ARMD—dry and wet.

“Dry ARMD accounts for 85 percent of cases,” explains Claudio Ferreira, M.D., ophthalmologist and retinal surgery specialist. “An accumulation of yellow deposits on the macula—which is the most sensitive part of the retina and the part responsible for central vision—dry ARMD causes a slow but progressive loss of central vision. The other 15 percent of cases are wet ARMD, which is the main cause of rapid central vision loss. The dry form can turn into the wet form, which results in leakage, bleeding, and lipid and pigment accumulation.”

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Why Buy Contact Lenses at ECOF?

Posted by Eye Centers of Florida On April 10th

Contact lensSometimes our patients assume we can’t compete with national mail-order contact lens stores because we’re local. Not so!

If you’re shopping for contacts at ECOF, you may be surprised to know:

  • Our prices are lower than 1-800-CONTACTS
  • We offer the convenience of online ordering
  • We have competitive prices while maintaining top quality and local service at twelve locations

In fact, if you order a year’s supply of contacts, you can get 40% off non-prescription sunglasses with our new coupon. See the 40% off coupon on the bottom of our Contacts page.

Find out more about ECOF contact lenses.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia user Bpw.

Two Things You Can Do to Help Sea Turtles

Posted by Eye Centers of Florida On March 4th

Endangered sea turtles nest between May 1 – October 31 in Southwest Florida. When the baby turtles hatch, they’ll find at least two obstacles between them and survival. What can you do? We’re glad you asked! Watch these 30-second videos about two simple things you can do on the beach:

Our own Dr. Brown helps these magnificent animals by donating resources to Turtle Time, a Fort Myers Beach not-for-profit dedicated to the continued survival of loggerhead sea turtles. Learn more about Turtle Time.

Cloudy or Blurred Vision?

Posted by Eye Centers of Florida On March 4th

Dr. Brown

If you have noticed a change in your eye sight or you’re just not able to do some of the things you used to, maybe it’s time to find out why.


Cataracts are a very common vision problem for people of any age. The cataract is a clouding of the natural lens in our eyes. The loss in vision is a major cause of serious injuries that can occur from falls or accidents.

Vision loss may occur slowly, so that the impairment in sight may not be noticed to the person at first.

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Meet Allison Bertram Yee, M.D.

Posted by Eye Centers of Florida On March 4th

Give yourself clear vision and a youthful glow with eyelid rejuvenation from Dr. Allison Yee at Eye Centers of Florida. With a simple outpatient procedure, Dr. Yee can transform tired, dragging eyelids to a more beautiful you. In many cases insurance or Medicare will cover much of the costs. You can count on the expertise of Dr. David C. Brown and the experts at Eye Centers of Florida.

Spring into a New Look: Aesthetic Party

Posted by Eye Centers of Florida On March 4th

We’re throwing a party at the Aesthetic Center and you’re invited!

While you’re enjoying refreshments like orange juice, mimosas, muffins, and strawberries & chocolate, Dr. Allison Yee and other experts will explain the latest news in plastics, injections, and other aesthetic treatments.

DysportWe’ll be offering on-the-spot discounts of 25% off Dysport® and $100 off Restylane® exclusive to this party. Plus we’ll raffle a free HydraFacial® and give out other exciting prizes!

What’s Dysport? Dysport® injections can temporarily improve the look of moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows in adults less than 65 years of age. It’s a great alternative to BOTOX®, which costs nearly four times as much.

RestylaneWhat’s Restylane? Plump up your lips with Restylane®, or use it to correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, such as the lines from your nose to the corners of your mouth.

HydrafacialWhat’s a HydraFacial? The HydraFacial® is a non-invasive, non-surgical resurfacing procedure that delivers instant results with no discomfort or downtime. The procedure is immediately effective.

Many of the treatments the Aesthetic Center can provide to you at a discount during the party! You can also schedule a free consultation for later.

Join us, and bring a friend!

Where: 4101 Evans Ave, Fort Myers, side entrance
When: Sat Mar 21, 2015 from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
RSVP: Please call 239-335-1900 or email ecofmarketing@gmail.com.

Learn more about Dr. Yee, the Aesthetic Center, and Eye Centers of Florida.

Macular Degeneration with Fewer Injections?

Posted by Eye Centers of Florida On February 2nd

Dr. Walid Mangal

By now you’ve probably heard of the eye condition called macular degeneration. There are two types—the dry type, which is managed with vitamins, and the wet type, which is treated with injections into the eye.

For those of you with the wet type, did you ever wonder why your retina specialist keeps asking you to come back in a month for your next injection? It’s because the medication that is being injected (Avastin, Lucentis or Eylea) only lasts for about a month in the eye. Also, most of the major research studies on macular degeneration committed patients to monthly injection regimens. Hence, many retina specialists in practice try to follow the same regimen.

But don’t you wish there was another option instead of getting a needle into the eye every month or so? Something that didn’t involve an injection, that could improve your vision and that didn’t hurt or cause red eyes? Turns out that something actually exists. It’s a laser procedure called “feeder vessel treatment” for wet macular degeneration. It was pioneered in the 1990’s by retina specialists in Baltimore, Maryland and Milan, Italy. The procedure often takes less than 10 minutes to perform and is done in the clinic. It’s not a replacement for your injections but can be used in combination with your injections, sometimes helping to reduce the total number of injections. Fewer injections, no pain and stable vision is always a good thing.

Here’s the other piece of good news. You don’t have to travel to Milan or Baltimore to be evaluated for this laser procedure. It’s available right here in Fort Myers at the Eye Centers of Florida. There are only a handful of retina centers in the world that offer this procedure. Ours at the Eye Centers of Florida is one of them. Our goal for every patient is to minimize the number of injections you receive and to help maintain good vision for the rest of your life. Contact us today for an appointment, a second opinion or to see if you’re a candidate for laser feeder vessel treatment.

–Dr. Walid Mangal

Fighting Blindness with Smartphones

Posted by Eye Centers of Florida On February 2nd

Peek RetinaAbout 39 million people in world are blind. With a simple eye exam, at least 80% of this blindness could be prevented.

The problem is that eye exam equipment is heavy, expensive, and fragile. It’s not built to travel to places where pavement and electricity are hard to come by. But these are the places where people need eye exams the most.

So Dr. Brown and ECOF have become supporting founders of a new technology to address this problem. It’s called Peek, short for Portable Eye Examination Kit. Peek Silver Supporter - Portable Eye Examination Kithelps doctors around the world use common smartphones to provide high-quality eye exams to people who need them. Peek can help prevent blindness.

To learn more about Peek, watch this video:

Anyone can be a Peek supporter. Join us in helping prevent blindness!

Bausch + Lomb Ultra Contact Lenses

Posted by Eye Centers of Florida On January 6th

We’re happy Bausch + Lomb is making contact lenses more comfortable! Ask your doctor at Eye Centers of Florida if these new contact lenses are right for you: